About Eells-Stow House in Milford Connecticut

The Eells-Stow House, located at 34 High Street in Milford Connecticut is operated as an historic home museum. It was built as a house to be lived in as well as a summer residence by the noted traveler and explorer Sir Francis Drake. It is thought to be the oldest surviving structure of Milford and is one of the finest colonial properties remaining in the state. It has a very interesting history of minor additions and subtractions. It was constructed primarily as a summer home for Sir Francis Drake, who traveled to Boston from England where he established his headquarters.

The main structure of the house, known as the Tower, is considered to be the heart of the property. The interior of the house has been decorated in an intricate style, and modern elements of decorative art, furniture, and lighting complete the look. It also includes a spectacular balcony which overlooks the street and the river. One of the features of the house is the “Horse Hall,” a large room where horse-riding eventss were held. This area has been shut off to the general public and can only be accessed by authorized members of the household or by permission from the local town or city.

Besides the residence of the famous explorer, the Eells-Stow House also served as the summer home of John Sullivan. Sullivan is a famous American trader and is regarded as one of the nation’s most valuable and influential figures. He traded extensively in all areas of the New World, traveling extensively throughout it. In addition to his trading, he also made trips to Georgetown, Ohio, to inspect shipments that had arrived and to inspect the fort there.

After leaving America, Sullivan returned to England and lived in the Eells-Stow House for the rest of his life. He died in 1843. A posthumous stone tablet was erected in remembrance of this great explorer, stating that he “was not able to taste life in England, but he loved it here, especially the weather, the air, the scenery, and the houses of people.” Today, visitors can see the ruins of the original house, which was destroyed during World War II.

The Eells-Stow House also has its own cemetery. This is the resting place of a number of notable Americans. Among them are such notables as President Andrew Jackson, Secretary of State John Lansing, and former President James K. Polk. Several other graves have also been identified in this area, and the local government has been consistent in maintaining their location and relating them to the proper individuals.

Today, many interesting things can be found within the Eells-Stow House. There are beautiful gardens and parks located within the grounds, which serve to remind visitors of the time that the site was used for both private and public purposes. There are even an aquarium, an ice cream van, and a gift shop, which offers tours of the house and its history to those who choose to visit. These are only a few of the many activities that can be enjoyed within its boundaries.

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