Academy of Our Lady of Mercy – Lauralton Hall

The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy – Lauralton Hall, established in 1905 by the Sisters of Mercy of Holidays, is an independent, Roman Catholic school on 200 High Street in Milford, Connecticut. It is also part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut. It was named for Our Lady of Laurala, Virgin of Louvain, who lived in Milford and was a beloved saint and religious woman to the Catholic Church. Her feast day is Friday, followed by All Saints’ Day. Other activities include musical and drama productions, prayer and music recitals, and a number of social services and programs throughout the year.

As one of eight schools in the archdiocese, it offers a liberal education for students who show outstanding intellectual and spiritual aptitude. Classes and programs are taught by Prof. Franciszek Boswell, who is known for his knowledge and passion for the program. Other teachers and specialists include Father Charles DiLorenzi, Associate Pastor Emeritus Basilio Marciale, Dr. Frank Lawn, Father Robert Morse, and Dr. Josephine Ellerbee.

In the fall of each year, students must complete a self-study program which usually involves the reading of sacred texts, participating in group projects, and the reception of works on campus. There are usually a limited number of students in each class. Students who want to participate must register for a required course. They must also read the prescribed course outline and complete the assigned work on their own. Professors are usually very strict in their grading methods and demands.

The Academy of Our Lady of mercy – Lauralton Hall is a private boarding school and as such, has its own administration. Students who wish to join must first fill out an application form. Upon approval of their application, they will then be admitted to the school. Enrollment is limited to students who can verify that they meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet the academic requirement, but are not eligible for admission into the school, then you can apply to transfer if your mother is a resident of the school or has otherwise met the eligibility requirements.

The programs are separated into three main groups namely, The Sacred Heart Group, The Sacred Life Group, and the Children of the Lord Group. In the group classes, students have to engage themselves in bible studies, prayer, and social studies. It is a prerequisite to join these programs that you are above the age of eighteen. All students in these schools must undergo orientation and preparation prior to enrollment. The students can choose from electives in arts and sciences, mathematics, social studies, chemistry, biology, and chemistry. Students can complete their programs in between four and six months, but depending on the courses taken, it may take as long as eight months.

The students of this boarding school are mostly children and adolescents between the ages of thirteen to seventeen years, although some older students have had a couple of years of pre-school training. There are also a handful of teachers that are involved with the Catholic faith. The school prides itself in providing quality education to all of its students and teachers. These are some of the things that you should know about the Academy of Our Lady of mercy – Lauralton Hall. If you are looking for a school that offers a nurturing environment where all students can learn and grow, then I would urge you to check this place out and get yourself enrolled today!

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