Robert Treat Farm in Milford

“Robert Treat Farm in Milford, Connecticut” is located on the rural north shore of Connecticut near the town of Milford, Connecticut. Robert Treat is the fifth generation of his family to farm here. The farm is divided into nine acres between the Sagadore and Woodlawn Estates. There is also a building on the property designated as a historical marker.

“Robert Treat Farm is a traditional family owned working farm, garden and market, just 3 blocks from Long Island Sound. Its link to our rich agricultural history is still alive and well here, since many of the original settlers were also farmers here. This farm has been operated by the family for the last 150 years.”

The farm offers many beautiful gardens around its simple stone structures. The farm house was built in 1900 by the older brother, George T., who also built the present homes of the offices on the land. The gardens are still thriving with several types of annual flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and evergreens.

The farm has been certified by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CDCA). Robert Treat Farm has always had “good soil, good fertilizer, and excellent drainage”. These elements make healthy and beautiful gardens. This natural combination has led to healthy fruit production and quality vegetables and fruits. The farm sells mainly livestock products but also has hay, oats, and grain for local markets.

Other types of offerings include baked goods and homemade honey, jams, chocolates, maple syrups, maple ethanol, and other specialty crops. There is also an on-farm guest cottage where you can visit and buy tasty treats on your own. Many local farm markets also gather produce from the farms and deliver to your home or office. There are several farmers’ markets held on the farm as well.

To learn more about farm animals and why the farmer’s market is a great place to purchase seasonal produce, you may want to visit the Robert Treat Farm Animal Farm. The farm animals on the farm are cared for with food, love, and special consideration. They offer turkeys, fish, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and several other types of animals that are featured on the farm. You will not only enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery that are featured on the farm but will be exciting to find and taste the fresh products that are offered on the farm.

In addition to the animals on the farm, there is plenty to do and see on the farm. You can ride in a tractor and have a tractor pull the produce to the different local markets and farmer’s markets. You can ride in a wagon and pick fresh vegetables to cook at home. Some of the other activities you can participate in include hayrides, apple picking, and horseback riding.

If you are thinking of planning a family holiday on the farm this year, you should visit Robert Treat Farm for a visit. The farm is located just two miles from the town of Northumberland and four miles from Perth, England. As you can see, the farm offers so much to see and do. There is also a gift shop where you can shop for gifts for your family and friends. The farm is open every day except during Thanksgiving.

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