Wasson Field – Milford CT – Baseball Field

Wisson Field is one of the finest ball fields in New England. In addition to having been home to the “American Association” baseball teams from eighteen counties, this particular field was also the venue for the first “MLB” game ever played in New England. The old scoreboard is still in place and features names such as; “Washington Senators”,” Providence Pirates” and “Atlanta Braves”. On top of all this Wisson Field is also the site of the annual Milford Cheese Festival, which is a two day fair featuring over one hundred vendors selling arts & crafts, local food, live entertainment and much more.

What is it about this baseball field that makes it so special? A large portion (more than eighty-five acres) of the facility is devoted to a pristine twenty-two yard outfield known as the “Green Monster”. You can’t help but be impressed by the scenic beauty that surrounds the field. This scenic aspect was done in an effort to create an atmosphere that will set the stage for an enjoyable day of baseball. If you’ve never seen a game at this location, you’re in for a real treat!

Wisson Field is home to the “New England Blackbirds” of the independent minor league baseball league. The team plays out of Wisson Field year round at this location. Additionally the “New England Cardinal” and” Pawleys Island Red Sox” call home in the same ballpark. All three teams share the same budget as their parent club, which has allowed them to continually build and improve upon the facility year around.

With approximately two thousand people in attendance at all times, you can expect to see some of the highest-rated teams in the country. In addition to the “New England Blackbirds”, there are several other Minor League Baseball Teams that calls this field home. In addition to teams like the ” Tropics” and ” Wolves”, you can also enjoy games between the Massachusetts Golden Knights, Cape Cod league ” Rays Rippers and many others. No matter what your skill level may be, there’s something for everyone at Wilson Field.

With two double-digit crowd support levels, Wisson Field is one of the best venues in Massachusetts for watching professional sporting events. In addition to that, Wisson Field is home to some of the most well-known independent minor league baseball teams in the country. Many of these teams have been playing out of this field for over twenty years. Some of the early teams such as the New Britain Rock Cats, New England Luigi Coupes and the Bristol Bombers spent their first few seasons at Wilson Field. These early teams became some of the longest-running independent clubs in the United States. It was then that the Wisson Field name was acquired by the New York Yankees and later on by the Boston Red Sox.

Wisson Field is the venue where the annual “Wasson Wheat” tournament takes place. This is the second-oldest softball tournament in the country. The competition takes place here every year with over ten teams from across the country. This venue has been the site of the US National Team training camp as well as the annual Softball World Championships. No matter what kind of game you are looking for at Wisson Field, you can find it here.

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